Custom built electric, gas and pedal powered vehicles

created for business and personal purposes

Nuthill is one of the few companies in the Baltic countries that provides restoration of vintage bicycles and motorcycles, and the creation of food-bikes and rickshaws. Our bicycles ride all over Europe, from polar Sweden and Finland to the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Russia.

main services provided

The "three whales" on which Nuthill is based are the production and restoration of electric, gasoline and pedal-driven vehicles.


Do you remember your very first bike? Or your parents' bike. What did you feel in your first ride on it? Maybe it's still gathering dust somewhere in the village? It is time to give him a second life.

That's a special feeling to ride a bike, which is 2-3 times older than you. Just imagine that 30-70 years ago someone happily sped along the street on his new bicycle and smiled at the sun.
On exact this bike.

But if you want a newly-made bicycle, you suddenly realize that everything that you see in a bike-shop doesn't touch the strings of your soul. Then the "perfect" bike needs to be built. Especially for you, exclusively yours.


Building your own bike is awesome, but also requires a lot of time, effort, skills, knowledge, space etc.

The average price tag for the construction of a café racer ranges around 5-8 thousand euros, which is incomparably cheaper than similar offers from world-famous bike ateliers. And all the more cheaper than the newly-made modern-café-racer Triumph Thruxton, for example.

A modern-café-racer is the solution for those who can’t/won’t build there own cafe racer or just don’t want to have the maintenance of an old bike.

business solutions

Novadays, entrepreneurs are finding many advantages in food bikes. They are far cheaper and simpler to launch than a bricks-and-mortar restaurant or even food truck. A fully outfitted food bike costs just several thousand euro — a fraction of the price of a food truck, which runs tens of thousands.

Brewers, chefs, baristas and even farmers are turning to electric-pedal-powered vehicles to bring their goods to consumers — and, sometimes, actually produce them on the street.

The environmental benefits of ditching a motor are obvious — fewer emissions into the urban air. But the main appeal, it seems, is far simpler.

other services provided

To achieve the highest quality of our work, we use modern technologies and high-precision cnc-machines. Therefore, we can offer them as separate and independent services, such as:

  • Laser cutting
  • Electric erosion
  • Lathe
  • Milling
  • Welding
  • Sandblasting
  • Powder coating
  • Outstaffing*

* Outstaffing is a type of remote employments when a hired person carries out all the job duties for a company (client) being officially employed by another company (outsourcing agency). The latter one acts as an employer, thus is responsible for wages, bonuses, equipment granted to a worker, while a client company provides a worker with tasks and assignments.

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