Nuthill is a result of passion: we work alongside with good friends and like minded souls who all love the freedom of creating something out of the ordinary.

Our specialty is Cafe Racer, Bratstyle, Scrambler bikes, but motorcycles are not the sole thing we could make. We do bicycles and longboards as well. As for bicycles, we usually use rare vintage frames for restoration and customizing projects, and as for longboards, they are handmade from birch, maple and oak mostly.

We believe our work speaks for itself.


1. How much does a Nuthill Customs motorcycle cost?

You can contact us for a quotation. The total cost will vary depending on the details and the amount of fabrication required. You can also order a bike similar to any of our past creations but please note that we will not build an exact copy; all our bikes are unique.

2. How do I get started?

Send us an email (pictures help) of what you have in mind and together we can conceptualize your bike. If you have a motorcycle that you'd like to use as a project donor please include photos of what you have today. Having a budget in mind is also very important so please be prepared to share that number with us.

​3. What are my payment options?

Generally we take 50% of the quoted project cost up front; the remaining 50% is due upon delivery; some additional payments may be required as the build progresses. We also offer financing as well as monthly payment plans.

4. Can I see my bike being built?

Yes, simply contact us and we can schedule a date and time for you to see your bike during the build. You can also track your bike's progress on our Facebook page.